Twenty Five Years of Urban Entomology in Germany

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The birth and evolution of a critical profession. Press Release

On Friday, May 16, there was celebration in Nuremberg, Germany to commemorate the birth of the profession of urban entomologist in Germany.  The American military had long employed entomologists (both officers and civilians) who specialized in medical and urban pests.  In 1983, the U.S. Army introduced this vital specialty to Germany.  They hired a German biologist with expertise in both pest ecology and adult education.  At that time, the study of entomology at German universities was limited to agricultural pests.  Besides protecting the health and morale of military personnel, the idea was to foster integrated pest management (IPM) as a tool to prevent pest resistance, to save money, and to protect the environment.  Emphasis was on reducing reliance on conventional pesticides.  Now 25 years later, it is not a degree specialty at any German university. We have a handful urban/medical entomologists from various sources.
Eva Scholl, Dipl.-Biol./Entomologist

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